About QuaC

QuaC is Haverford’s Quaker student group.  It is open to all students, regardless of religious or spiritual background or affiliation. About half of regular attendees at QuaC events identify as Quaker, and the other half are people with an interest in Quakerism.  QuaC hosts a wide variety of events throughout the semester including retreats, talks, and times to just get together and socialize.

Mission Statement

The mission of “QuaC” is to support interest in Quakerism, coordinate Quaker activities, and nurture Quaker community. We seek to create an environment that is welcoming to Quakers and non-Quakers alike and that values participation at all levels. We aim to nurture each other and, as a spiritual community, we will answer one another’s calls for support. We strive to encourage the formation of a deeper Quaker community on campus, while maintaining present activities and allowing for the development of new endeavors. We will promote fellowship, communication, community building, service, and representations of faith among Quakers on campus.

—Approved at Business Meeting, October 25, 2007


QuaC joins Haverford Friends Meeting for worship every Sunday from 10:30-11:30 am.

Every other week Meeting for Worship is followed by brunch at Quaker House (apt 50) on Haverford’s campus for the QuaC community to have an opportunity for fellowship after Meeting.


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